Private Yoga
Private yoga in Chattanooga, TN on the North Shore with yoga teacher Suzanne Dulin

Are You Ready to Get Started with Yoga?

Private sessions in the studio on the North Shore.

FREE yoga mat with your initial evaluation (a $25 value)

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Suzanne works personally to help you reach your own goals.

  • If you are new to yoga, Suzanne will help you get started
  • If you want to get good at yoga, Suzanne teaches yoga in a structured way
  • If you have health issues, Suzanne can teach you how to use yoga to heal yourself
  • If you are on a spiritual path, Suzanne can teach you meditation and provide guidance
  • If you want a convenient location and time in Chattanooga, Suzanne can work with your schedule
  • If you are teacher or want to be a teacher, Suzanne can help you find the confidence to teach your voice and vision.

Call (423) 939-9270 to schedule an appointment

About Suzanne Dulin

Get a Bigger Boat founder Suzanne Dulin is Tennesse's only officially authorized Freedom Yoga teacher. 

Suzanne is a lifelong, serious yoga lover. She has been personally mentored by Erich Schiffmann, founder of Freedom Yoga, and assisted him at workshops. 

Suzanne's focus has been on teaching in a way that helps people to follow their own intuition about what they need and supporting them on their unique journey, rather than a dogmatic, prescriptive approach. At the same time, she understands that beginners needs rules and guidance  to begin, and she gives clear instructions to get people started.

Suzanne can teach students of all levels of athletic ability and interests, and of all ages. She enjoys working with people in bigger bodies, and is nonjudgemental about where you are at in your health journey at this moment. She loves to help people learn to use yoga to heal themselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Suzanne also works with yoga teachers to help them develop their own core teachings and business skills so that they can build a sustainable life around yoga.

She founded Sadhana, a community of yoga teachers and enthusiasts that supports each other in business and education. You can join the Facebook Group or explore the YouTube Channel.

About the Studio

North Shore Studio, located in the Busines INCubator

The gabb Studio holds up to 7 people for yoga posture classes, and up to 10 for meditation.
Small groups welcome.
Handicapped accessible building with elevator and handicapped accessible bathrooms.
Showers and changing space available.

Call or text (423) 939-9270 to schedule an appointment

LGBT Friendly

gabb welcomes and supports the queer community.

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Call or text (423) 939-9270 to schedule an appointment

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