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Start Teaching Yoga Using Zoom Videoconferencing
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Get Started Teaching Yoga Using Zoom Videoconferencing
5 Steps to Your First Online Class

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Suggestions for Viewing and Hearing Students
Zoom Basics
Preventing Zoombombing - New Zoom Setting Recommendations
Lighting FAQs
Playing Music
My Studio Setup
What it Looks Like When I Teach

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How I Created This Course in 2 Weeks
How I Created This Course in 2 Weeks

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Get a LIttle Help

If you think you need to get a bigger boat, here's a special offer so that I can help you with your own setup.

If you would like some extra suport so you can get up and running, I'm offering a special discount on my mentorship program. 

  • You get a one on one Zoom sessions with me to get your virtual studio up and runninig
  • The time is yours to use as you like. If you want help figuring out settings on your phone or laptop, I'll guide you through that. If you want help with the business end of it, I'll help you with that. 
  • If you aren't really sure what you need, I know how to help you figure that out in a structured way

The cost for the session is only $40, normally $180.

This is a one time offer and this rate can never be accessed again once you purchase it.