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Saturday April 25 2020 Online Class
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About the Teachers

Saturday April 26 Class CoTaught with Yogacharya Manish
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About the Teachers

This special class is being taught from two international locations, the US and India by two great teachers.

The class opens with a practice led by Yogacharya Manish from India. His practice focuses on breathwork within the yoga postures. The work is energizing and clearing.

Yogacharya Manish holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in yoga science from University of Patanjali Haridwar. He also learnt ancient techniques of asanas Pranayama Which help us to enter in the state of meditation. Yogacharya works as a yoga therapist with yoga, naturopathy and acupressure. His work focuses on breathing to enhance your vital Energy level.

Halfway through, the class will be led by Suzanne Dulin,  from Chattanooga, TN. She is the founder of Get a Bigger Boat. Suzanne is one of a handful of teachers authorized to teach Freedom Yoga, in the tradition of Erich Schiffmann. Her teaching focuses on attuning to the breath, helping students to feel what is like to initiate the movements from the always ongoing movements they are making as they breathe. Her goal is to help students and teachers find an inspired practice where they can access their own inner guidance.