Get Started Making Helpful Videos

Get started teaching others online! If you’ve ever dreamed of teaching others through videos, this class will help you get started with the equipment you already have on hand - your phone or computer. By the end of this class, you’ll be able to use this 5 step system to create a professional, helpful, and high quality video and share it online. You’ll learn the secrets of being an entertaining and helpful personality on camera. You’ll also learn tips for getting a high quality image and sound. 

Do you want to make a video but don't know where to begin?

Take this class to learn the 5 steps for getting started making your first video. You'll need only a phone or laptop to begin, no special equipment is required.

Learn from Suzanne Dulin, founder of gabb, who has served as a producer, director, technical director, videographer, sound engineer, and editor on commercial and promotional videos for over 30 years.

In this class you will learn-:

  • How to prepare for your first video
  • How to setup your equipment for the best sound and light quality
  • What to practice before you begin
  • How to perform on camera so you appear natural and appealing
  • How to upload a video to YouTube

It takes just one hour and you'll have all the information you need to get started, without being overwhelmed. And once you have your first video done, it will be so much easier to do the second, the third ...and soon you will have your own YouTube Channel or video based lessons that you can post online.

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Get Started Making Helpful Videos
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Suzanne Dulin

Suzanne Dulin, MEng, is a long time yoga teacher who has spoken with yoga teachers all over the world struggling to make a living doing what they love.

In her business, Get a Bigger Boat, Suzanne helps anyone who wants to make a living teaching use professional learning methodology to connect with the students they are meant to help. 


As a college student, Suzanne produced Generic Television (GTV), a creative television show that was aired in New Orleans through Tulane University’s video production club. She was able to setup and use cameras, microphones, lights, recording equipment, and editing equipment. After college, she went into the field of engineering, where her knowledge of audio/video production was useful in understanding audio/video engineering and radio communications. In her last engineering position, she was a professional e-learning developer. She worked with engineers to create helpful videos about the products that they designed. In her years of video production she’s learned that the most important part of a great video is a strong performance.

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About Us

gabb | Get A Bigger Boat supports yoga teachers and holistic health professionals to create online membership sites and courses. Experienced yoga teacher Suzanne Dulin is an expert in learning design. She can help you to quickly create a course that helps you to gain traction with the students you are meant to help. She will help you create effective step by step marketing systems that move your client through your complete curriculum, so that you can take students from rote beginner up to expert.