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What We Do

Studies of learning show that the most effective way to learn is to move step by step from today’s status to mastery of a subject. At gabb, this progression is the Ladder of Learning Mastery.

gabb applies the Ladder of Learning Mastery to all aspects of its business.


In yoga, gabb works with people who want to get good at yoga, moving them from beginning levels toward confident mastery of the subject, without missing crucial steps along the way. It works with teachers who want to understand how to teach effectively in order to create a sustainable teaching business.

Business Consulting

gabb helps people who want to work in a niche market creating a ladder of learning for their clients. By having a learning system, students can see that there is a plan for them to achieve their learning goals through the Ladder of Learning Mastery. Meanwhile, the ladder serves as a marketing blueprint for bringing in new students and creating repeat sales as they continue toward their goals. Most importantly, it helps business consulting clients deliver on their learning promises to their students so that they can retain customers.


On its website, this business development process evolves organically. Through safe and secure discussion boards people share and help others, develop followings. Gabb helps those who are emerging as leaders apply a Ladder of Learning Mastery to their teachings to create online courses and grow learning based businesses on the web.

About the Name

Do you remember the scene in the movie Jaws when police chief Martin Brody discovers that the shark he and boat captain Matt Hooper are chasing is one SERIOUSLY big fish?

At first chief Brody was freaked out.



But he wasn't the kind of person to back away from his passion project.

I see the problem clearly now.  

No problem! He just got a bigger boat!

 Big Shark = Big Boat

Difficult things require more people, more resources, and more derring-do!

Get a Bigger Boat (gabb) is about recognizing that if you are passionately interested in learning about something, and maybe even one day you want to make a living doing the thing you love, you are going to need WAY more help than you realized at first. You need to Get a Bigger Boat!

I'm gonna need a bigger boat!

gabb is about us all working together to embrace our passionate interests as far as we can take them. Because with a bigger boat, you can go anywhere.

gabb is a site where people participate in communities built around learning. In these learning-centered communities, you share and learn from each other.

But unlike other communities, gabb has more. Our boat is bigger! It's not enough to just have people who are passionate about a subject sharing together. gabb has a team that works with the most passionate leaders within the online forums and helps them to create, market, and sell videos, e-learning, audio training, books, workshops and other teaching tools.

Now the people who are the most excited and the most knowledgeable can become leaders — not just at gabb, but in their entire industry.

From yoga to deep sea fishing and everything in between, we're here to help your boat rise! Contact Suzanne about building your boat and getting things started or sign-up for a course and join a community.

Our Mission and Values


To provide a social platform where people can collaborate to develop and communicate their core teachings.

Our Core Values

At gabb we share five values sets as a team with each other. We reflect these values to our clients and the community so that together we can create effective and engaging learning experiences.

  • Prioritizing physical, mental & emotional health
  • Engaging self-care & community-care
  • Keeping things light with fun & humor
  • Communicating our professional worth & receiving appropriate financial rewards
  • Cultivating diversity & inclusivity in everything we do

Our Team

gabb has a team of people working on our social media site. Meet the entire team to learn more about us.

Founder, Suzanne Dulin

Suzanne Dulin Headshot

Suzanne Dulin, MEng, has been passionately interested in yoga since she was 19 years old. 10 years later she became a teacher. She moderated the largest and longest running online discussion board related to yoga, The Moving Into Stillness community, for yoga master Erich Schiffmann, who also became her mentor. 

Suzanne loved the people she met on the Moving Into Stillness discussion board, but she noticed that no matter how passionate and skillful the teachers were, very few of the participants had their main source of income from teaching yoga. Without having yoga as their full-time job, they didn't have the motivation to create the structured training materials that would communicate the core of their teachings to others.

Suzanne always dreamed of making her living teaching yoga. She wanted to lead workshops, write books, and be a leader in the yoga world.

But Suzanne had a problem. She had a good stable job in the field of Engineering.

First she was a technical writer, writing instructional books about things like how to use financial software, how to calibrate a computer monitor that surgeons use, and how to install a cellular phone system.

No one ever read these books, because no one reads the manual, but she learned how to write great instructions and how to get big creative projects completed on time.

Then she moved into designing online training for a company that makes barcode scanners. She got to produce videos where people demonstrated how you scan barcodes (aim the dot and pull the trigger). She worked with animators who made funny videos about why young people don't want to use outdated computer equipment (it's not fun). She worked with illustrators to help explain RFID technology in a simplified way (lots of icons of radio waves). 

She wasn't teaching much yoga and she wanted to do more with her life, so she started to think that maybe she wasn't meant to be a yoga teacher after all. 

So she got her Masters in Engineering Management. 

This program is similar to an MBA program, teaching entrepreneurship skills. 

Out of her experience in her career and her graduate program, she came to realize that yoga teachers are missing two critical skills not taught in yoga teacher training programs: the skill of creating good teaching and the skill of starting up a business. These happened to be skills she now had.

No wonder yoga teachers weren't succeeding at making a living teaching — they were all trying to do it alone and on the cheap. In the corporate world, there are whole teams of people who work on starting up businesses and creating training programs. Startups don't have a lot of money usually, but they do have a lot of passionate interest, and that she knew yoga teachers had in spades.

Suzanne started realizing that yoga teachers wanted to do the things she'd been doing all along for high tech: write books, create online learning, make videos. So she had the ability to teach how to teach, the ability to produce the products holistic health practictioners want to make, and now the business skills to help them startup businesses and sell their courses.

She first conceived of the idea of gabb as a way of helping yoga teachers, but she realized that these skills weren't just needed by yoga teachers, but by anyone with a hobby business that wanted to make the leap into becoming a small business owner.

Being a big geek, she decided to make a new kind of online forum, one like the one she moderated for so  long where people helped each other to learn and share about a subject they loved. Then she added in extra support to make a bigger boat. She provides coaching services and courses to helped teach people how to be effective teachers, teach them how to market, price, and sell their services, and is creating access to production facilities. gabb has an online store all set up for anyone to place teaching products on, to simplify the work of creating an online business.

Thus Get a Bigger Boat was born.

Suzanne needed a bigger boat to launch gabb, so she moved to Chattanooga, TN, in 2018 in order to take advantage of the business incubators in the city.

Joseph Roberson, VP of Transformative Learning

Joseph Roberson weaves expertise in breath-centered yoga, breathwork, and meditation together with instructional design, art, and transformative learning theory to create experiences that transform learners deeply.

Lisa Barnstrom, VP of Learning

My role in gabb as the VP of Learning is to work with clients to help them turn the brilliant ideas in their heads into brilliant classes that many people can learn from and enjoy. I help clients every step of the way, from basic idea to flawless execution

Myra Rubinstein, VP of Client Experience

Welcome and assist gabb clients to use our learning ladder to get better at yoga, start and manage yoga related businesses and form a community with safer, better discussion boards that support all in achieving individual and community wide goals. At the same time creating, producing and distributing online courses that make yoga available to underserved and unrecognized potential yogis including caregivers and those with agoraphobia and related anxiety conditions.

About Us

gabb | Get A Bigger Boat is about expanding your knowledge and building community. Together we rise. gabb is a platform for creating groups and communities around instructional courses across different categories. Each course is independently curated and managed. This community was built to bring back human connection and engagement about common interest. From yoga to deep sea fishing and everything in between, we're here to help your boat rise! Contact our team about building your boat and getting things started or sign-up for a course and join a community.