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What I Do

I help people to learn yoga step by step, and I help other people who have small businesses develop an effective learning curriculum so that they can keep customers in their business. This means that teachers can spend more time doing what they love - teaching, and especially teaching the higher level material - and less time recruiting new clients into their business.

Knowledge is inate. Learning is a struggle. 

What do I mean by that?

Do you remember when you were learning to read? It was long process - as a baby "reading" board books you learned how to turn pages, then when you were a little older you would guess what the words on the page meant by looking at pictures, then you started reading books with fewer pictures, s-o-u-n-d-i-n-g out every single word very very slowly. 

Then, BOOM! there was a moment where the lightbulb went off. After that, BOOM! you were a reader! 

In fact, I bet that now you can't look at a sign or a book without reading the letters. It's impossible for you to return to the state you were before you learned to read where letters were just shapes. 

That's because now knowledge is inate in you. 

When you were learning reading, it was a struggle, you had to work at it. Now that you know how to read, it's an inate skill that is easy and natural.

I help you to get to that lightbulb moment in yoga, and I help other business owners create that experience for their learners.

How Do You Get to the Lightbulb Moment?

How people learn best has been studied in the US since WWII. The armed services were drafting new soldiers into the war effort, and it was literally a matter of life and death that they be able to train these soldiers as quickly and effectively as possible. Since then, people in the field of Instructional Design have gone on to study how to teach skills to people of all ages and abilities, refining the work of those early military pioneers.

Studies of learning show that the most effective way to learn is to move step by step through specific, identified phases of learning. This progression is shown in the Ladder of Learning Mastery.


In yoga, I work with people who want to get good at yoga, moving them from beginning levels toward confident mastery of the subject, without missing crucial steps along the way.

I also works with yoga teachers who want to understand how to teach effectively in order to create a sustainable teaching business. I particularly love to help 

Business Consulting

gabb helps people who want to work in a niche market creating a ladder of learning for their clients. By having a learning system, students can see that there is a plan for them to achieve their learning goals through the Ladder of Learning Mastery. Meanwhile, the ladder serves as a marketing blueprint for bringing in new students and creating repeat sales as they continue toward their goals. Most importantly, it helps business consulting clients deliver on their learning promises to their students so that they can retain customers. 


About Us

gabb | Get A Bigger Boat supports yoga teachers and holistic health professionals to create online membership sites and courses. Experienced yoga teacher Suzanne Dulin is an expert in learning design. She can help you to quickly create a course that helps you to gain traction with the students you are meant to help. She will help you create effective step by step marketing systems that move your client through your complete curriculum, so that you can take students from rote beginner up to expert.